An intro to Audiences


Use Triggerbee Audiences to create segments of your visitors to be used in Campaign Targeting for personalization. Segment your visitors based on website behavior, tags in connected Email systems, or given consent. To personalize even further, combine your audience with browser-conditions in your campaign targeting, eg. UTM-campaigns or browser language. You can even target based on Javascript where only your imagination is the limit!

Example Audiences

  • Identified visitors (ie. those who has been identified by email)
  • Visitors that have added a product to cart, but not completed a purchase.
  • Visitors that are in a specific list in your connected email-tool.
  • Visitors that are NOT in a specific list in your connected email-tool.
  • Visitors that have completed a purchase in the past (=customers).

How to create an Audience

Navigate to the Audience section in your Triggerbee account. The pink audiences you see in the audience dashboard is your default audiences. They are premade and can not be changed. Once you have created your first own, custom audience - they will be white. 
To create a new audience, Click on "+New audience".
Give your campaign a name.
Add your first filter and define its conditions. Use one or combine several.
Save your audience. You will now find it in the Campaign Settings to be used for targeting! 

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