How to target a campaign with Voyado Audience

Target Voyado Audiences with Onsite Campaigns

Together with the Voyado Email marketing tool, Triggerbee allows you to target onsite messages based on your Voyado audiences once the visitor has been identified. 

Common Use Cases:

  • Promote offers to customers that haven't bought anything for a certain time period
  • Remind your customers that have discount codes that are about to expire
  • Ask your customers for additional contact information
  • Promote upgrades for customers in a lower loyalty segment

Note: Make sure that you have integrated your Voyado app before proceeding with this tutorial.

Navigate to Settings --> Integrations and open your Voyado app.
Scroll down to the "Widgets" headline.
Enter the name of your Audiences that you want to be able to target towards, or away from in Onsite Campaigns. Enter one audience per line. This

Note: Only Audiences can be used for targeting in Triggerbee, not Segments.

Save your Voyado app integration.
Navigate to Audiences in Triggerbee and create a new Audience. 
Give your Audience a name, for example, "Voyado Audience Gold Members". As your filter, select your Voyado Audience and define whether the visitor should be in the audience (equals) or not (not equals).
Save your Audience and go to your Onsite Campaign that you want to display for this Audience.
In the campaign settings, click the Audience tab under "Who will see this Widget" - and select your Audience.
Now your campaign is ready to go live! 

Tip! If you want to test your campaign, publish it on a test page and navigate to your webpage with this query string: ?utm_custom[email][email protected], where the email should be an email in the audience (or outside the audience if you are targeting with not equals). This will tell Triggerbee to show your webpage as that specific person/email.

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