How to check subscriber status on signup

With the Triggerbee subscriber check, it is possible to make a request to your connected Email marketing tool, to see if the subscriber that wants to sign up already is a subscriber or not. If so - you could display another message for them (instead of the discount code). 

Note: This article applies to customers using Triggerbee together with Voyado, Rule or Mailchimp.

Subscriber check

Create your signup campaign with at least two primary and one success slide. Use the primary 1 for the signup form just as you usually do, and the success slide for the welcome message (with or without discount code). Then, create another primary slide where you have another message for already subscribed visitors, eg.
"You are already a subscriber. Check your inbox for the latest news."
Open the Form Settings.
Activate the option for " Show alternating message if email already exists in remote list".
Enter the settings according to:

A: The Email app in which you wish to check your subscriber (usually the same as where you send new subscribers).
B: The specific list or tag in your email app that the subscriber should be checked against. 
C: What slide (message) the subscriber should be displayed instead of the success slide if he/she already is a subscriber. 
Depending on the purpose of your signup form, you might not want to run the automation connected to your email tool at all for visitors that are already subscribed. In that case, you can activate the " verify as new subscriber" feature to have the automation only run for actual new subscribers. 
Save your settings and you're done :) 

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