How to use the Deadline component

With the Triggerbee Deadline Component, it is possible to create urgency in your Onsite Campaigns.

How to use the Deadline Component

Create your onsite campaign.
You will find the Deadline component in the Add menu below the Triggerbee headline. 
Your first option for the Deadline component is a set of premade Styles. Select the one you prefer!
The next set of settings has to do with the design of the deadline component. Adjust the settings according to: 

Size: The width of the component. Will also adjust the height accordingly.
Deadline: Set the date and time of when the deadline your component should count down to.
Format: Select format. If your deadline is in the near future, maybe the "days" element isn't necessary. 
Occurrence: This is where you select whether to count down towards a date/time in the future, or a certain time each day. (Eg. "order before 7 pm for quick delivery).
Background, Font, and Color: Adjust these settings to fit your profile. 
The Label settings allows you to change the naming of the labels of the counter. Maybe you want them to say "D, H, M, S" instead of full words.
The last, specific setting of the deadline component is the "On Expiration" settings. This is where you select what should happen when the countdown comes to 0.

No action:
Stops at 0 : 0 : 0 : 0 and will display that way.
Change slide: Create another slide to show on expiration, eg. "Oh no, you missed the deadline!"
Close Widget : Simply stop showing the whole widget on expiration. 
Now you're good to go! 

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