Creating a visitor filter

Create custom segments by filtering the sessions in the visitor list. Combine and/or exclude visitors based on their source, session and the user itself. Create reports or export your segments. 

Segments can be created based on the following properties

Session User
Social Media Goals Labels
Facebook Interest Profile Identified
LinkedIn Time on Site Total Visits
UTM Campaign Number of Page Views
UTM Source Country
UTM Medium Visited Pages
Referring Website
Paid Traffic
Email Campaigns

How to create a custom segment


Navigate to Insights and click on "New" in the Filter and Search box.


Select the parameter(s) you want to filter. For the sake of this tutorial, we'll pick all visitors coming from Facebook campaigns in the US.


When you are satisfied with your segment, press the disc on the right to Save. Choose a name for your segment and press Save. Now you'll find your segment in the filter list. 


Congratulations, you have now successfully created your custom segment!

Your saved segments are also available for export and reporting.

Video Tutorial

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