How to create a campaign - short version

Creating an engaging and personalized onsite campaign is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow this guide to get started with your first campaign in a few minutes!


Navigate to Onsite Campaigns and click "New Campaign"
Select one of the pre-made templates, or start fresh with an empty template. Open the template and select what position you want to have your campaign at. All templates have pre-selected layouts. Both position and layout can be changed later. 

Note: Embedded campaigns have specific layout and settings. 

Now you will see your campaign in the Campaign Editor. Edit any part of your campaign by clicking each element and make adjustments in the menu on the right. Text elements are also possible to edit directly in the editor. Drag and drop elements around, and remove/add more as you please. 
Make sure to make mobile adjustments as well. Toggle to the mobile view and adjust accordingly by activating the "mobile icon" on the elements you want to have specific mobile settings on. You can also hide entire elements on mobile units. 
When you feel like your design is on point - then move on to Form Settings. This is where you tell Triggerbee what to do with the collected visitor data (such as email address) in the Campaign, eg. sending it to your integrated email tool. If you're not collecting any data in your campaign - skip this step. 

Note: If you want to see what your campaign will look like "live" - go ahead and press Preview.

Then - move on to the Campaign Settings. This is where you give your campaign a suitable name, and decide what audience and triggers the campaign should have. For instance, newsletter signup should probably be targeted to the Audience "Not identified" in order to not show the campaign for already identified visitors. For the trigger, it could have a 3 pageview trigger to have it pop up after a while on the webpage. All settings are explained here
Now you're done! If you're not ready to put your campaign live just yet - then simply go back "To Campaigns" to save it as a draft. Otherwise, go ahead and click "Publish" to put your campaign live!

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