Voyado: Abandoned Cart

Together with Triggerbees integration with Voyado, it is possible to notify Voyado when a visitor is in the cart with products, and Voyado will send them an email if they do not complete their purchase.  


  1. An account with Triggerbee and Voyado with integration in place. Talk to your contact person in Triggerbee if you are uncertain.
  2. Automation flow for Abandoned Cart in Voyado. Talk with your contact person in Voyado if you're uncertain. 
  3. Identification of visitors in cart. For Triggerbee to be able to notify Voyado who has left their cart, the email addresses of the visitors need to be logged to Triggerbee from the cart or the checkout - depending on where you want to start your abandoned cart flow. Email addresses can be logged to Triggerbee according to: https://help.triggerbee.com/article/323-setting-the-identity-of-a-visitor
  4. Identification of products together with the timestamp in the cart. Products that are in the cart when the purchase was started need to be added to Triggerbee together with the current time. This is logged to two separate custom fields, products, and time.
  • Products: An array with the products in string format (JSON.stringify), formatted according to "[{\"sku\":\"160\",\"quantity\":3}]". "sku" is the productID. Both of these are required. 
  • Time: Current local time, formatted according to "2021-04-20 11:13:14 +02:00" (+2 is for the timezone).

    Products and timestamps are logged to Triggerbee with:
    var mtr_custom = mtr_custom || {};
    mtr_custom.session = { products: '[{\"sku\":\"160\",\"quantity\":3}]', time: '2021-04-20 11:13:14 +02:00'};

    NOTE! You need to set up the fields for products and time before you start. Read more


When all the specifications are in place, the flow for the abandoned cart is set up according to:

Navigate to Automations in Triggerbee and create a new Automation.
Select your start triggerbee on the left. This is usually "Started checkout" or "Came to cart" - eg. the point where you collect the email of the visitor.
As Action on the right, select "Add Email to list". Enter a source if you like. The source needs to be in place in Voyado first. 
Then, select the action "Abandoned Cart Automation", and select the language that the email should be sent in.
Done! Now, Triggerbee will start to notify Voyado when someone is in the cart. Voyado will then sense if they have completed their purchase, and if not - send them an email!

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