Abandoned Cart Automation

Together with Rule, you can set up an Automation for sending emails to your visitors that leave their carts. In order to set up the Abandoned Cart flow, you will need the following:

  1. Event for Initiated Purchase. Usually, the "Added to Cart" event is used, but it could also be when someone goes to the /cart or /checkout page.
  2. Event for Completed Purchase. 
  3. Identified visitor. The visitors need to be identified via email in order for us to be able to tell Rule who to send the email to.
  4. "Cart in Progress" or "Abandoned Cart" tag in Rule
  5. "cartProduct" field in Rule
  6. Email Template in Rule

Finally, you will need to log the products from your carts to the Triggerbee product field. This is done through a string array according to this code example:

    var products = [{
    productID: 1234,
    name: "Produktens Namn",
    size: "38",
    price: 299,
    quantity: 1,
    image: "/images/produktbild.jpg",
    link: "/produktkategori/produktX"
    window.mtr_custom.session = { products: JSON.stringify(products) }
    mtr.event('Logged Products');

Whatever data is sent to Triggerbee, will be forwarded to Rule. Thus, if you want to have the product image in your abandoned cart email, that needs to be logged together with the product object to us. Each value needs to be specified to Rule in order for them to set up the template accordingly. Usually, these product values are logged:

  • Product ID productID)
  • Product Name (name)
  • Product Price (price)
  • Product size (size)
  • Quantity (quantity)
  • Image of Product (image)
  • Link to Product (link) 

When the product data has been logged to us, it is sent to Rule through the following Automation Flow in Triggerbee:

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