How to find the Tracking Code in your account

To start tracking visitors in Triggerbee you need to add the Tracking code to your website. It's easy and no different from adding, for example, the Google Analytics tracking code.

How to find your tracking code:

Click here and log in to Triggerbee

Or if you're already logged in... Click here to go straight to your tracking code.

You find your tracking code when you are logged in to under "Settings => Tracking code". Copy the code from there and paste it on your website using the suggestions below.

Depending on your web sites CMS / admin inserting the tracking code is done in different ways. We recommend you to place the script at the end of the body tag (before </body>) on every page, preferably in a layout file so that the code is automatically added to all pages on your web site. Some CMS allow you do add script to all pages using an Addon, while others provide a built-in property. Contact your web supplier if you need help.

Configuring domains

Configure the domains that are allowed to log events to your account. You find this under Settings => Visits & Visitors => Allowed URLs. Enter one domain per line like this:

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