I cannot preview campaigns - what could be wrong?

When previewing a campaign should open up directly, regardless of the triggers and timing options you have configured the campaign with. 

Still there are a number of reasons why your campaign doesn't show up when previewing.

1) Does your website remove the querystring?

To force open a campaign while previewing, Triggerbee uses querystrings. Sometimes those are removed by your website so check the URL of the tab that is opened when you have clicked to preview a campaign. It should contain a querystring that looks similar to this:


If the querystring isn't there it could be that your website redirects the visitor to another domain, and while doing so removes the query that forces the Triggerbee Campaign open. You can fix this by going to your Account Settings: https://app.triggerbee.com/settings/general and configuring the "Campaign Preview Url" with the URL that your website is trying to redirect you to.

2) Is the Triggerbee code snippet installed on your website?

You can check this that by opening up the Developer Console in your browser. Reload the page with the Network-tab open and filter all requests on " myvisitors.se". If you don't have any matches then the Triggerbee code snippet is not installed. Read here how to install

3) Is the 'Content Security Policy' correctly configured?

Some websites are configured to using a  Content Security Policy. For Triggerbee to work your Content Security Policy must contain two domains: *.triggerbee.com and *.myvisitors.se.

If you have message similar to this in the Developer Console, then you need to configure it:

To check the Content Security Policy of you website, then open up the Developer Console. Reload the page while having the "Network"-tab open. Filter by "Docs" and click on the document of the html-page. Open up the Headers-tab for this document. Here you can see the Content Security Policy, and you can check what domains are configured. If you don't see it, then your website doesn't have a Content Security Policy.

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