Visitor data

Whenever someone visits your webpage, Triggerbee will start to track their behavior on-site such as where they came from, what they are doing (events and tags), and any interaction with our onsite campaigns. This is stored in the browser together with any previous data stored on that visitor. All of this is stored in the browser during the visit, to later be saved in the Triggerbee database.


The Visit object stores data about the current visit (session). All data except goals and the session time&date will be deleted after the session. Goals and timestamp will be transferred to mtr.getPerson().

  • goals: An array of all goals/events that have been acquired during the session
  • time: date and time of current visit
  • pageviews: An array of all paths that have been visited during the session
  • landingPageQueryParams: An array of any landing page queries, such as utm_campaign and utm_source

Example content:


The Person object contains data about the Visitor and all their previous visits.

  • abTestingWidgetIds: Stores the ID of the variant in an AB-test that was displayed to this visitor.
  • campaignEvents: An array of all campaign interactions that this visitor has done. Eg. the time and date of when a certain campaign was dismissed or clicked. 
  • consentVersions: If Triggerbee Consent is used, this object will store what version the visitor has consented to. 
  • goals: An array of all goals/events that have been acquired during the session
  • identifier: the email of the visitor
  • tags: An array of all tags that the visitor has
  • visits: An array of time and date of previous visits 

Example content:

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