Customize Page View Logging

Triggerbee lets you customize the url and title that is logged. This can be useful if your site contains different views shown under the same url. Also, if you wish to log different areas of the page, such as scroll position, or any other events for that matter.

Customize URL and Title

var mtr_custom = mtr_custom || {};
mtr_custom.href = "/webshop/payment-details";
mtr_custom.title = "My custom webpage title";

Logging a Goal

This is the recommended method of logging a goal:

	mtr_custom.goal = { name: 'Order' };

To log a goal immediately, without waiting for the complete page load,  check out the goal()-logging method.

Setting identity of the visitor

Read this article.

Note: When using the mtr_custom object, make sure the code is executed before the Triggerbee tracking code. 
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