Setting identity of a visitor

Do you have information about the visitor that you want to send to Triggerbee? You can script this to Triggerbee. The following properties are supported by default in the Triggerbee object model:

  • email
  • name
  • organization
  • telephone
  • title
  • username

This data about the user will remain active until the user clears their internet history and deletes their cookies.

Example of how to identify a visitor:

var mtr_custom = mtr_custom || {};
mtr_custom.session = { name: "Erlich Bachman", email: "", organization: "Piep Piper LTD"};
window.mtr_custom = mtr_custom;

Another example:

Using the session object on the mtr_custom object to set values. We can set our own custom session variables also. The custom variables can be used in an automation as merge variables, like so:

var mtr_custom = mtr_custom || {};
mtr_custom.session = mtr_custom.session || {}; = ""; = "Erlich Bachman";
mtr_custom.session.my_own_variable = "eb-1234";
mtr.goal("Form submission!");
window.mtr_custom = mtr_custom; // Make sure the mtr_custom object is accessible in the global space by the mtr-logger

Another simplified example with goal event logging:

var mtr_custom = mtr_custom || {};
mtr_custom.session = { email: "" };
window.mtr_custom = mtr_custom;
mtr.goal("Logged on");

To send data directly to Triggerbee, call on the mtr.log or mtr.goal events after setting the session-custom properties.

Extending the Contact object with Custom Fields

You can extend the Contact object with custom fieldsRead more here.

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