Integrating with Youtube

See who's watching your videos

When a visitor has completed watching a youtube video on your website, a goal will be created and you can see the data under the visits in Insights. If the visitor is identified the goal will also be stored on the contact. Based on that goal you can trigger a lot of activities. For example, you can update that information in your CRM or create a label that says "watched video" that will be saved on that contact.

Triggerbee's integration with Youtube allows you to measure the following properties on your visitors' views:

A. Video Start
B. Video paused
C. Watched the entire video (this event will also give the visitor a goal from which you can trigger automations). 

How to activate the Youtube App

Navigate to Integrations in your Triggerbee account and locate the Youtube logging App.
Activate the app by toggling the On/Off button in the side panel.
Done! Triggerbee will now start to measure the video views on your website.

Note: This app will only work for clips that you've embedded in the default Youtube way (Share --> Embed).

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