How to set up Interest Profiling

How to set up an Interest Profile


Navigate to Interest Profiling in your Triggerbee account, which you will find under Settings. Press Create a topic.


Give your profile a name and press Next. 


Enter the path(s) that match your profile. You can add one or several paths, one per row.

Make sure to only add the path, not the whole url.
Wrong: https:/
Right: /products/shoes

It is also possible to use wildcards *. Entering the path: /product* will include anything in the path after product. You can also just type *product* which will pick up any path containing the word "product". Read more about wildcards here


Press Save to create your Interest profile. From now on, Triggerbee will start to map your visitors on their sessions, in order to create their very own mix of Interest Profiles. 

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