Integrating with Slack

With the WebHook capabilities of Triggerbee you are able to send visitor information to a third party app such as Slack. Here are the simple steps to get started:

The first thing to do is to browse the Slack app directory for Incoming WebHooks. Once you have found it, click on Add Configuration.

Next, choose the Slack channel you would like to send Triggerbee messages to, then click Add Incoming WebHooks integration.

After this, scroll down to Integration Settings. The most important thing to do is to click Copy URL in the Webhook URL section. But you can also confirm your channel, give the integration a descriptive label, custom name, and icon.

With the WebHook URL copied, you are ready for the last step. Login to your Triggerbee account and go to Automation, then Triggers and Add new Trigger. Decide what action needs to occur to send the WebHook. Usually, this is something like filling in a Web Form or downloading some document. In the ...Do this, select Execute webhook and paste the URL you copied. Do not forget to click Save.