Integrating with LiveChat

Integrating Triggerbee with Livechat 

The Triggerbee Livechat integration makes it possible to see the previous and upcoming activities of the customer who is chatting. Triggerbee will log the chat on the session, and even identify the customer if they enter their email, so that you can follow their steps on your website.

Note: Make sure you follow all the steps in this article.

How to integrate

Inside Livechat, go to Developer Console and navigate to Tools --> Personal Access Tokens ( Direct link). 

Note: You need to be an Administrator in Livechat to do this.

Create a new Personal Access Token. 
Name your Token, preferably "Triggerbee" to remember, and select webhooks_manage as the scope for the token. Press Create token.
Copy the Token.

Important! You will only be able to see this token once, so make sure to copy and save it securely.

Go to Triggerbee, navigate to Integrations and activate the Livechat Integration.
Enter your Personal Access Token (copied from step 4) in the API field.
For your License Key, go back to Livechat and navigate to Channels --> Website. Copy the ID from the Livechat code. Enter that code in to the Triggerbee License Key Field:
For the Username, enter the username (usually your email) you log in to Livechat with.

Note: It is important that you enter the username for the user that created the Personal Access Token in Livechat.
Otherwise, the Integration will not be able to authenticate. 

Save the Integration in Triggerbee, and open it again. Press "Create webhooks in Livechat":
Lastly, go back to Livechat and navigate to Settings --> Webhooks ( direct link) and make sure your webhooks have been created. 
Now you are done with the setup!

Test the Integration

Reload your website and wait for a chat to occur (or chat yourself). The chat session must be completely finished, either the chat window has been closed or the session timed out.
Watch the Activity Feed under “Insights” in Triggerbee and find the session that chatted. Normally there is a 1-2 minute delay from when the chat session has ended to when it appears in Triggerbee. Look for a session with a chat icon under “What happened”.
Click on the session in the list. A detailed view will appear, where you can see the full transcript from the chat.

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