Recovering Abandoned Carts and Signups

Not everybody who adds something to a cart or begins to fill out a form makes it all the way through. Actually, only 33% of e-commerce buyers actually completes a checkout after adding something to their shopping cart. However, there is a simple remedy! With Triggerbee you can easily setup an automation to email the visitor that abandoned or perform other actions, like notifying the sales team in the CRM. You will need to set up 2 different goals in your Triggerbee account. The first goal is when someone begins a signup/form submission/purchase. The second one is the completed conversion.

In the screenshot below, the first goal on the left side is called “ Started registration”. The second goal on the right side is “Completed registration”.

The automation rule that I have created is using the new Action called  “Wait and check goal before proceeding”. This action is a really versatile and powerful that lets you configure the time to wait before proceeding.

What should happen next? Well, you decide. Triggerbee offers a variety of Actions, like:

  • Sending a Cart Recovery Email using your email provider
  • Sending a friendly email asking if they have any questions
  • Alerting your staff by email or Slack message
  • Adding a Label to their contact saying “Abandoned Signup”. Use this to display Widgets to a visitor segment, on their next visit. (Remember to remove the Label once they complete the conversion/purchase/signup.)
  • Alerting the salesperson in the CRM

Here is an example, where I am using Mandrill email service to send out a “Please come back” email.

And here an example where we add a note to their record in your CRM. If they don't exist in the CRM, we create a new contact and assign a new account owner

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