Examples of Common Triggers

Triggers can be used to create automation tasks with ease.

Here are a few examples: 

  1. Add a label "Customer" to visitors that have logged in. (Labels are used to segment visitors, target widgets and emails).
  2. Subscribe visitor to your newsletter list, add the email adress to a list in your email system.
  3. When a visitor starts signing up but never finishes: Send an email after 1 hour reminding him. Check out our How-to article on recovering carts.
  4. Trigger an email when someone fills out a form on the website. For example: Signup form to webinar, send last newsletter to those that subscribe to your newsletter
  5. Add to CRM (only Pipedrive supported currently)
  6. Target a Widget with a custom message to a visitor on his next visit
  7. Send notifications to sales staff on certain behaviour (for example viewing certain pages, recurring visits etc)
  8. Increase lead score on certain behaviour
  9. When someone coming from a certain campaign (ads, email) views a certain page, or signs up then send an email
  10. When someone labeled as "Prospect" and has visited your site five times, invite to a call with your Sales team.
  11. When a lead shows a lot of interest in a particular offering, automatically assign him to a sales rep responsible for that offering

You can sequence many actions so that when someone does something on the site, a chain of events can happen. Let's say someone signs up to a seminar/webinar, then you could set up the following sequence:

  1. Send Confirmation email to visitor
  2. Add the visitor as subscriber to the newsletter list
  3. Notify Sales Staff and update the visitor in CRM
  4. Wait 1 hour
  5. Send our most recent newsletter
  6. Wait 24 hours
  7. Send a previous newsletter
  8. Send a text message / SMS inviting the visitor to call our sales staff

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