Create your first Widget


This article will show you how to create your first widget, and give you some tips and tricks on the way.

How to create a widget

Log in to Triggerbee, and click on Widgets in the left sidebar menu. 

Click on the button that says Create Widget to create your first widget.

When you've clicked the button, you will be taken to a page where you can select your Widget Type. 

The main differences between the different types are their position on the screen when they appear.

Popup appears in the middle of the screen and covers the content. 

Callout appears in the bottom to the right or the left. 

Embedded appears in the content as if it was a part of your website.

Fullscreen takes over the whole screen and covers the whole website. 

Sidebar appears in the right/left or top/bottom of the website. 

When you've chosen a template, you will be asked to choose a layout: 

1. Navigate to Publish when logged in to Triggerbee.

2. Click on "Create New"

3. Choose a Widget type

4. Choose Template

5. Follow the steps in the Wizard

6. Hit Publish

You're done!

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