What is Triggerbee?

Triggerbee is a Sales- and Marketing Automation software that helps you understand how your website is used and by who, optimize your marketing efforts, create and funnel leads to the sales department and helps you create more revenue.

Triggerbee has three main parts

Insights and analytics

Analyze the behavior of your website visitors, leads, and customers. Where do they come from, what are they interested in, where and when do they engage in your content? Who are your most promising prospects?


When you can track individual visitors and understand who, why and when they engage in your content you can automate tasks such as sending email messages, displaying messages on-site, notifying sales rep, updating CRM, etc.


Engage with your users in a relevant and personal way can really help drive your conversion rates up the roof. Do you want to have new unknown visitors to start subscribing to your newsletter? Greet campaign visitors with a special message? Drive hesitant visitors to conversion with a gentle nudge? Do it all with Triggerbee Widgets. Configure your target audience and choose when the message should trigger. Expect higher conversion - expect more satisfied visitors. Target Widgets based on visitors profile, surf behavior and achieved click goals. Create popups, callouts, and widgets quickly and without the need of web developers.

What can I do using Triggerbee?

Here are a few examples of what you can do with Triggerbee:

  • See what companies are visiting your website
  • See how your subscribers from your newsletters are using your website
  • Identify and send hot leads to your CRM
  • Ask those that are not subscribers to Opt into your list
  • Understand which visitors that need help with ordering/buying
  • Automatically email those that abandoned a signup/purchase
  • Create dynamic segments in your email platform based on Triggerbee-collected and analyzed data
  • Ask visitors that didn't convert why they didn't
  • Become more relevant in your email marketing
  • Offer contact with sales staff after 20 seconds of inactivity
  • See what companies you are making the most money from
  • Direct offers to your most loyal visitors
  • Remind visitors that didn't convert to go back and convert
  • Profile your subscribers

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