Troubleshooting Automation Triggers


This article will help you troubleshoot issues related to Automations.

"My automation doesn't execute"

Due to data processing, there will always be some delay from the moment the visitor performs the event that should trigger the automation, and when the automation actually initiates. The time period is between 1-2 minutes typically. Just wait a few minutes and see if the trigger runs.

Every unique visitor (cookie-based) can only execute one and the same trigger once per 24 hours. So if you are troubleshooting and testing your own triggers you need to clear cookies or initiate a new incognito browser session.

"Why is my automation red?"

Whenever your automation hits an obstacle, or for some reason does not go through correctly - it will turn red to alert you that something is wrong. The status of the automation will also change to "Failed!".

In order to find out what's wrong, press the menu on the right-hand side, and choose "History".

You will see this view, with a list of the latest runs of the automation. Any error message will show in the column to the right. Please follow the instructions provided of how to solve the error.

Whenever the error has been solved, the status of the automation will go back to "Ok".

"I can't find my subscriber list in the automation rule"

If you are trying to add subscribers to a new list, and can't find it in the automation rule, please go to Integrations and check your integration. You need to select all your lists in the integration in order for them to show in the automation.

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