How to Link Your Privacy Policy

If you have seen this warning message...'re probably thinking: 

"What the heck is this?!"

This is a preventive action against the new GDPR laws from EU being taken into effect in 2018. This means that visitors who converts in your Widgets also need to accept your Privacy Policy so that you can send them emails, newsletters or any digital communication outside of your website. 

Follow the steps below:

1. Find the URL to your company's Privacy Policy. If you don't have a Privacy Policy yet, you can create one with Triggerbee Consent (opens in a new window).

2. Click the link in the alert (or click here - opens in a new window). You'll be redirected to your Account settings in Triggerbee.

3. Paste the URL to your Privacy Policy in this textbox:

4. Check the "Require active opt-in" if it's necessary for your country's laws

5. Click Save

You're done! This will add a small checkbox to your widget below your form that forces your visitors to accept the terms in your Privacy Policy when they leave their contact information.

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