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  • Installing Triggerbee on Wordpress

    Triggerbee can easily be installed on Wordpress with our plugin. Start by going into your Triggerbee account to the Visitor List. Open "Install on Wordpress" and copy your Site ID. Then, from your

  • Installing Triggerbee with Google Tag Manager

    Install Triggerbee with Google Tag Manager in three simple steps. It only takes 5 minutes to get your personalization journey started! You will find your tracking code in your Triggerbee account,

  • Quick Start Guide

    If you don't feel like reading a bunch of different articles to set up your Triggerbee account, we got you covered! Just follow these 7 steps and you’ll get your first campaign up and running in no

  • Connect your domain name for improved tracking

    Setting the visitors cookie server-side enhances the length in time that each visitor can be remembered. The new cookie name will be _smtruid. First you need to connect your domain name to Triggerbee

  • I cannot preview campaigns - what could be wrong?

    When previewing a campaign should open up directly, regardless of the triggers and timing options you have configured the campaign with. Still there are a number of reasons why your campaign doesn't

  • Integrating Contact Form 7 (Wordpress)

    Triggerbee integrates seamlessly with the Wordpress plugin Contact Form 7. Note: The CF7 integration requires that you have installed Triggerbee through Wordpress. How to integrate CF7 1 In your WordP

  • What Personal Data do Triggerbee Collect

    Default behaviour Triggerbees web tracker records the behaviour that a visitor has on your website.  The only Personal Data that Triggerbee automatically records is the IP number of the visitor of the

  • What data does Triggerbee collect on visits?

    Collected Data As soon as the Triggerbee tracking code has been installed on your webpage, Triggerbee will start to collect data on the visitors. The data collected can be divided into groups,

  • Brand Settings

    Colors Add your brand colors to Triggerbee to make them easily accessible in the Onsite Campaign editor. Navigate to My Triggerbee --> Customization Scroll down to Colors and add your Colors

  • Use Case: Chat Nugde

    Have you installed a chat tool for your visitors to use while browsing your website? Great! Do you feel that they're not always using your chat the way they could? Probably. With Triggerbee, it is