How do I design a campaign

We have made it easy for you to create and design your campaigns. Start from scratch or select one of our pre-made templates and start designing in our campaign editor. You can move current elements with drag-and-drop, add new elements and edit their properties to fit your website's look and feel. We recommend that you add your fonts and colors, and use the same styling as you do on your webpage. For example, if you have round buttons on your website - make the buttons round in the campaign too. This will make your campaigns feel like a natural part of your website.

Don't know where to start?

I'm ready to start designing!

Awesome! Check out this guide about how to build your first campaign. Start with one of our themed templates, or start from scratch with a basic or blank template. Any campaign you design will be available for duplication later, so you can create your own "templates"!

Can you help me design my campaign?

Of course! Send an email to with information about what use case you want (eg. Newsletter signup, Competition signup, Sales Panel, or countdown to Black Friday), what templates you like, and any wishes for colors, fonts, and other design elements. We are here to help :)

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