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Getting Started

Installation & Integrations

Instructions for installing Triggerbee on your website.

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An overview of the available sections in Triggerbee

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Set up Interest Profiling

Learn how to set up your Interest profiling and start segmenting your visitors.

2 articles

Integrate Apps

Set up instructions for our integrations. CRM, Email, chat, youtube...

23 articles

Create a Widget

Create your first widget and start generating leads.

20 articles

Set up your first Automation

Set up automations and start automating your marketing and sales activities.

1 article

Create Goals

Learn how to set up goals to track conversions and events on your website.

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Knowledge Base

Account management

How to manage your account, cancel subscriptions, change subscription..

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Contact management

Learn more about how to manage contacts in your Triggerbee account.

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Managing Insights

Organize your visitor list, learn how to use filters, tags and schedule reports.

11 articles

Working with Automations

Learn how to use automations, examples of common triggers.

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Increase Conversions

Optimize your widgets to increase conversion rate.

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Connect your apps and simplify your marketing activites with Triggerbee.

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Troubleshooting widgets

Cache, incorrect specified pages etc that can be the reason.

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Privacy and GDRP

Learn what data we collect on the visitor and how Triggerbee handles personal data.

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Getting started with Consent

How to create your Privacy Policy and learn how to manage the data.

2 articles

Consent FAQ

Commonly asked questions about Consent

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For Developers

Customizing Triggerbee

For example extend the Contact object with custom fields. Read more here.

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Sending data to Triggerbee

Send extra data to Triggerbee using our javascript API.

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