Use Case: Chat Nugde

Have you installed a chat tool for your visitors to use while browsing your website? Great! Do you feel that they're not always using your chat the way they could? Probably. With Triggerbee, it is possible to nudge your website visitors about your chat and all its possibilities. With a small javascript, it is possible to open the chat window based on Triggerbee audiences and triggers - to allow your visitors to get the help right when they need it.

How it works:

Most chatbots provide a javascript API that allows you to open, close, and interact with the chatbot via script - eg. open the chat on a button-click. Because of this, you can build onsite campaigns in Triggerbee that will open your chat on click, allowing you to nudge your visitors about assistance based on their website behavior, eg. when they are inactive, are returning, or have a certain product in their cart. 

How to:

1. Navigate to Onsite Campaigns and create a new campaign and design it as you wish.

We recommend that you build a callout with only a button that you position slightly over your ordinary chatbot.

2. On the button action, select the option "Close widget" and activate the "Execute script". This is where you add the javascript to open your chat. You will also need to add click-tracking to the widget, since "close widget" will stop the click tracking.

Example script:

mtr.widget('clickthrough', 12345);<br>

3. For the first row, add the javascript from your specific chat. Here are some examples. If your chat is not on this list, please reach out to them and ask them for a Javascript API call to open your chat.

  • Intercom =  Intercom("show");
  • Zendesk = zE.activate();
  • Ebbot = Ebbot.openChatWindow();
  • Helpdesk = Beacon('open'); Beacon('navigate', '/ask/chat/')
  • Kundo = $kundo_chat.start_chat();
  • Facebook Messenger = FB.CustomerChat.showDialog();

4. For the second row, change the ID to the ID of the widget you are currently in. You will find the ID in the URL:

5. Preview the campaign to make sure that a click on the widget actually opens your chat.

6. Go to Campaign Settings and select what audience and triggers you want for your campaign. For instance, it could be all visitors that has something in their cart and is inactive for 10 seconds.

7. Publish your campaign to start nudging your visitors!

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