How to create the Triggerbee Cookiebar

The Triggerbee Cookiebar allows you to inform your new visitors that you are using cookies on your website. In order to use the Triggerbee cookiebar, you will need to set up a privacy policy first. You can use our pre-made template or paste your own. This is needed in order to allow the possibility for your new visitors to read your full policy before they proceed. 

How to create a privacy policy and cookiebar

  1. Start by navigating to Consent and Cookiebar under My Triggerbee --> Customization. 
  2. Click "Create new" on the right.
  3. Enter your Company Name and Contact Information, click Save. 
  4. You will be redirected back to the Cookie and Consent homepage. Click "Create New" again. 
  5. Now you'll go through 5 steps that will help you set up your policy. The first step is to adjust the data retention information in your policy.

    Date field: The date on which your policy was written
    If you already have a policy written by your own lawyers, select the date it was published on your website.

    Pink slider: Slide to adjust how long your company saves and uses personal information after the date of collection.
    This information lets your contacts or subscribers know how long they can expect to be stored in your system if they don't Opt-out from any communication.
  6. You will be asked to choose a privacy policy template. If you already have a privacy policy, choose the Blank Template and paste it there. Otherwise, pick the version of your choice. Currently, there are 8 pre-written, standardized, policies in different languages available for use.

    Note: These are standardized templates that cover basic information about tracking, cookies, and usage of personal information. It is not specifically and automatically customized to your website or your company's processes. We strongly recommend you read it and customize it to fit your company.

  7. There's also the possibility of having more than policy, in different languages. Simply press  Add language in the next step.

  8. Fill out or edit the fields in this section, then click on Save and continue when you're done. We have pre-filled all the fields, but we recommend that you read through and adjust the content to your specific company. Red square: Title. A single sentence to present what your visitors will see when they click on your notification on your website.
    Orange square: Your summary text. Write a summary of what is included in your Privacy policy. This is illustrated in the picture in the middle.
    Green square: Your complete Privacy Policy text. Paste your full policy here, or customize your chosen template.
    Blue square: Choose what text you want on each button according to:
  9. In the next step, you can choose the layout of your cookiebar. This cookiebar will appear on the website for first-time visitors and its purpose is to inform the visitor that you are tracking their behavior on your website. Select a layout, and move click on "Next".

    Note: Accepting the use of cookies does NOT count as consent for communication. Consent can only be collected through Form campaigns.

    Callout: Appears in one of the corners of the screen. 
    Panel: Appears as a full-width banner in the top or bottom of the screen.

  10. In this step you can edit the appearance of your cookiebar. To edit something, click on the desired section you'd like to edit and customize the colors.

  11. The last step is to publish your cookiebar. 
  12. You currently have 3 options available:
    Publish options Cookiebar In Campaigns
    1. Show to all website visitors and link from my widget forms Yes Yes
    2. Only linked from my widget forms No Yes
    3. Do not show automatically No No
  13. Congratulations! You are done with your Privacy policy and cookiebar, and it will be published on your website to start collecting acceptance for cookies.

How to edit the privacy policy and cookiebar

After publishing your policy and cookiebanner, you can edit it by clicking the "Edit" button in the Consent overview.

How to disable the cookiebar

To disable the cookiebar completely from the website, simply toggle the green on/off switch under "policy widget on website". If you only wish to disable the cookiebar (but keep the policy active for usage in campaigns), you can edit the policy and select a different publish option. 

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