FAQ Consent and Cookiebar

This article will help you troubleshoot issues related to Consent, the cookiebar and the privacy policy.

"My cookiebar and privacy policy displays in the wrong language"

Triggerbee Consent looks for the <html lang=""> attribute to display a privacy policy in a specific language. 

If your website doesn't specify the language with HTML lang, you can use Javascript to tell Triggerbee which language to display:

window.mtr_consent_site_settings = window.mtr_consent_site_settings || {}; 
window.mtr_consent_site_settings.language = 'sv';

"I can't see my cookiebar on my website"

When you publish your cookiebar, it might not appear on the website for a couple of minutes because of cache.

However, you can force your cookiebar to appear by navigating to Consent and cookiebar under My Triggerbee, and click on "View" under "Policy widget on the website".

"The URL to my policy changes each time we edit the policy, why?"

Each time you edit your policy, a new revision is created. And each time a new revision is created, the revision number in the URL changes.

"Where can I see the profiles that have given their Consent in Triggerbee?"

To find profiles that have given consent in a Triggerbee campaign, go to your Profiles in the left menu under Audiences. Click on "+NEW" and select to filter on "Given Consent". 

"The link to my cookie bar doesn't work, why?"

Did you recently edit your policy? If you use a link to display your policy and if you edited it recently, the link has changed. 

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