Install Triggerbee with Google Tag Manager

Install Triggerbee with Google Tag Manager in three simple steps. It only takes 5 minutes to get your personalization journey started! 

You will find your tracking code in your Triggerbee account, under Account Settings.

  1. In Google Tag Manager (GTM), go to Tags in the left menu. Create a new Tag by pressing New and give it a name, for instance, "Triggerbee Tracking".
  2. Open Tag Configuration and select Custom HTML as the tag type. Paste your tracking code in the HTML field.
  3. Tip! If you have multiple instances of your web page connected to the same GTM account (like .com, .se and .no) which should be connected to separate Triggerbee accounts, we recommend that you use a Lookup Table variable to define what Triggerbee Tracking ID corresponds to what webpage.

  4. Then, open the "Triggering" box beneath the tag area and select the trigger "All Pages".

    Note: If your webpage is built on SPA (single page application), please use the "Window Loaded" tag instead.
    You will also need to activate the SPA feature in your Account Settings
  5. Save your tag and make sure to publish your changes, then you're done!

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