Install Triggerbee with Wordpress

Triggerbee can easily be installed on WordPress with our plugin

  1. Start by locating your tracking code ID, which you will find inside your tracking code in your Triggerbee account, under Account Settings —> Developer.

  2. Then go to your Wordpress dashboard, click on plugins, and select "Add new".

    Search for "Triggerbee", press Install, and activate the plugin. 

  3. In the text step, add your tracking ID retrieved from step 1, and press "Start Tracking".
  4. Now your integration is active and you will start to see traffic from your website in your Triggerbee account within a few minutes!

Contact Form 7

As a part of the Triggerbee plugin, you can map your Contact Form 7 to Triggerbee, to automatically track when someone fills out a form. Simply press "Integrate" to map your forms.


If you are using Woocommerce in WordPress, the Triggerbee plugin will automatically start to track the most common eCom events. These are:

  • Added product to Cart
  • Initiated Purchase
  • Added discount code to checkout
  • Completed Purchase

These events can be used in Triggerbee in your Audiences for Campaign targeting and will be synced to your integrated CRM.

Activate Email Identification

Email tracking is turned off by default, meaning that Triggerbee does not automatically store the email addresses of the visitors that complete purchases. You can activate email identification in checkout and through login, by adding this snippet to your Triggerbee Client Script.

window.triggerbee.wooCommerceEmailTracking = true

Note: We strongly recommend that you have consent for storing email addresses from purchases in third-party platforms before activating the Email tracking feature.

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