Triggerbee data model

The Triggerbee data model consists of four components: sessions, visitors, profiles, and events. Understanding these concepts is vital to being able to analyze the data you are collecting.

What are sessions?

A session is a visit to your website. We collect the time, duration, page views and other events that took place, device information, geolocation, and more.

What are visitors?

A visitor is a unique visitor/browser to your website. We identify each unique visitor using cookies. If the visitor clears cookies or uses a different device or browser the next visit will be considered a new unique visitor - unless we have an email address associated with that cookie which will lead to Triggerbee converting the visitor to a profile.

What are profiles?

A profile is a known physical person that visits your website. The difference between a visitor and a profile is that a profile has converted from an anonymous visitor to a known person by identifying themselves with their email address (and sometimes other properties such as name and telephone number). 

If a profile buys a new computer, uses several different browsers, or uses a phone and a computer - Triggerbee will connect the different devices of the profile to give you a unified complete view of each profile's history. For every device /browser the visitor must convert again so that we know his identity. To understand how visitors are identified and turned into profiles take a look here.

What are events?

Events (also called goals) are the actions that your users are taking on your site. Events are used to build audiences and identify visitors. Some examples of events include:

Event Name Description
Signed Up Event triggered when a visitor completes a signup
Logged in Event triggered anytime a visitor logs into your site or your service
Completed purchase Event triggered when a visitor completes the checkout process
Subscribed to newsletter  Event triggered when a visitor subscribes to your newsletter  

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