Integrating with Emarsys

Integrating Triggerbee with Emarsys opens up the possibilities of communicating with your subscribers based on their behavior and interests on your website, and only send them content you know they want to read. Higher engagement, more meaningful conversations and better insights about your subscribers are just a few clicks away. 

As soon as your subscriber's lands on your website, Triggerbee starts tracking their behavior, activity, and interests. When they click on a button on your website, fill out a form, or visits any page, Triggerbee will collect that information and build a subscriber profile based on their behavior. When your subscriber is done browsing, Triggerbee automatically updates their profile in your Emarsys account with their activity from your website. That means the next time you send out an email campaign, you can target subscribers interested in a specific area on your website, who performed a specific action, or follow up with the ones that didn't take action on your offer. 

How to set up the integration

Start in your Emarsys account
  1. First of all, we need to configure API User which will be used in Triggerbee. Open Management > Security Settings tab, and navigate to API Users:
  2. Let’s generate a new API User which will be used from Triggerbee. Click on the Create API user button, type your password and save username and secret which you receive (secret is shown only for now, you need to store it somewhere because you can’t get it later).

Continue to your Triggerbee account

  1. Navigate to Apps & Integrations in Triggerbee and open the Emarsys app.

Enter the Username and API Secret. Then Save! Make sure authentication is successful. Otherwise, an error will be shown after the settings are saved. Try waiting a while if you just created the API key and authentication is unsuccessful. If the authentication is still unsuccessful, check again that your API key does not contain any extra characters than copied. Sometimes an extra blank space is added when copying. 

Triggerbee automatically adds some Contact Fields for you to populate, eg. Name, Address, Phone, Gender, County and Birthday.If you have any other Custom Properties (Fields) you wish to be able to populate from Triggerbee, add these by their names according to Name=FieldID. One property per row.

  1. Congratulations, now you are completely done with the integration and setup of Emarsys, and your lists will now be available for Audience Targeting and in the Campaign Editor. 

Track subscribers coming from newsletters

In order to track the subscribers that click the links in your newsletters, you need to add this additional tracking parameter in your emails, which will send the id of the subscriber to Triggerbee for identification. You can choose between using the same tracking variables for all your campaigns, or change them on a per-campaign basis.

If you want to use one set of variables for all email campaigns, simply provide Emarsys Support with the variable pairs which will map your web analytics tool fields with your Emarsys application fields.

If you choose to use different variables for individual campaigns, you will see a new text field in the Email Settings page. Here you enter the variable pairs manually and they will be added to the trackable link for that email. For Triggerbee, enter: _emarsyspid=$userid$

Send form submissions to Emarsys

Once Triggerbee has helped you identify and convert your visitors, you might want to add them to your email subscriber list. This is done through Form Settings. 

  1. Start by creating and designing your Campaign with a form.
  2. To connect Emarsys, open the Form Settings and activate Emarsys. This will automatically create an automation that sends the submitted email address to Emarsys.
  3. If you are collecting more data in your form, such as telephone numbers, you will also be prompted to collect that data to a specific field in Emarsys.

  1. If you wish to update any other fields on your visitor, you can "Go to Automation", where you add the action "Update field". Select what field in Emarsys you want to update, and with what Triggerbee data. 

  1. When you're done with all your actions, press Save. The automation will automatically go live when your campaign goes live. 

List Targeting

With the Triggerbee - Emarsys integration, you can target onsite campaigns based on what lists the visitor belongs to in Emarsys. 

  1. Navigate to Audiences and create a new one.
  2. Open the filter options and select the Emarsys List want to target. Also, define whether the visitor should be in the list (equals) or not (not equals).

  3. Save the Audience. Now you can use this audience as targeting in your campaigns to communicate with your visitors in this audience.Note: Emarsys data targeting is only possible for visitors that have been identified, in order for Triggerbee to be able to ask Emarsys if the visitor is in the specified list.

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