Integrating with Zapier

The Triggerbee integration to Zapier allows you to connect with 5000+ apps outside the Triggerbee native integrations. Triggerbee will send data to Zapier, and Zapier will take it from there. This is how you set up the integration!

How to set up the integration

  1. Navigate to Triggerbee Apps & Integrations, and activate the Zapier app.
  2. Click the invitation link to Zapier and accept the invite. If you don't already have an account in Zapier, you must create one. It's free!

  3. To get the integration started, create a new zap and select Triggerbee 1.1.0 as your triggering app. When prompted to Log in, grab the API Key from the Triggerbee configuration.
  4. Select the app you want something to happen in, eg. Slack, Gmail, or your CRM.
  5. Follow the steps to complete the setup of your selected app. If you wish to add data from Triggerbee to your Zap, this is done via the dropdown provided. 

  6. As your final step in Zapier, publish your Zap.
  7. Then, navigate to Automation in Triggerbee. 
  8. Create a new automation and select your triggering event on the left.
  9. As your action, add the Zap you just created. Save and publish the automation! Now it will start "zapping" as soon as a visitor fulfills your triggering event. 

What data does Zapier collect?

Once you have integrated Zapier to your Triggerbee account, you will be able to trigger Zaps from Triggerbee with all visitor data and send it to your Zapier-connected systems. Here's a list of what data Zapier collects from Triggerbee zaps, eg. what properties can be sent to your other integrated systems.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Number of labels
  • Name of labels
  • Telephone
  • Number of Goals
  • Name of Goals
  • Address
  • Organization
  • Email

Migrate from current Zapier to new

Due to updates in the API, there is a new version of Triggerbee in Zapier. This means that your zaps in Zapier must be moved to the new app. Here's how to do that!

  1. Navigate to Apps & Integrations and open the Zapier app
  2. Click the Invitation button to add the new Triggerbee app in Zapier (version 1.1.0)

  3. After accepting the invite, navigate to your zaps in Zapier and edit the ones connected to Triggerbee.
  4. Open the trigger in your zap and switch to the new Triggerbee app (1.1.0).

  5. Then, follow the steps to update the connection to Triggerbee - by mapping your fields and data.

    You might need to connect to the Triggerbee app again via Zapier. Please do so if prompted to. You'll find the API key in the app in Triggerbee under Apps & Integrations.

  6. Give your Zap a new ("identifier") if you haven't already. This is what you'll use in Triggerbee to connect your automation to your Zap

  7. Save your zap and wait a few minutes for Triggerbee to update your new zaps.
  8. Then navigate to your Automations in Triggerbee, and edit your automations connected to Zapier - to use your new zap. Save the automation and you're good to go!

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