Integrating with Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that makes it easy for e-commerce businesses to deliver personalized email and SMS campaigns across their owned channels. If you integrate Triggerbee with Klaviyo, you can use personalized campaigns on your website to grow your email list or engage subscribers, and sync behavioral data from your website into Klaviyo.

How to set up the integration

  1. Go to your Account Settings in Klaviyo. Create one Private Key and copy the Private API Key.

  2. Navigate to Apps & Integrations in Triggerbee and activate the Klaviyo Integration. Enter your Private API key and press Save. Allow the authentication to load for a few seconds.

  3. This is also where you add any Segments you want Triggerbee to access. One Segment per row. You will find your segment ID on the Settings page of your segment in Klaviyo

    Next, move on to the Configuration part of the integration. If you have any Custom Properties you wish to be able to populate from Triggerbee, add these by their names according to name=name. One property per row.

Identifying subscribers coming from Klaviyo Emails

Triggerbee can automatically identify subscribers who click on your email links and lands on your website. 

  1. Go to your UTM Tracking in your Account Settings in Klaviyo.
  2. Klick the text link + Add a custom UTM parameter
  3. Write "_klaviyopid" in the empty UTM Parameter field
  4. Chose Klaviyo profile id as the Campaign Email Value and Flow Email Value
  5. Activate the option that Automatically adds UTM parameters to links
  6. Update the changes, and Done! 

Send form submissions to Klaviyo

Once Triggerbee has helped you identify and convert your visitors, you might want to add them to your email subscriber list. This is done through Triggerbee Automations. 

  1. Start by creating and designing your Campaign with a form.
  2. To connect Klaviyo, open the Form Settings and activate Klaviyo. This will automatically create an automation that sends the submitted email address to Klaviyo.

  3. If you are collecting more data in your form, such as telephone numbers, you will also be prompted to map that data to a specific field in Klaviyo.
  4. If you wish to update any other fields on your visitor, you can "Go to Automation", where you add the action "Update field". Select what field in Klaviyo you want to update, and with what Triggerbee data.

  5. When you're done with all your actions, press Save. The automation will automatically go live when your campaign goes live. 

If you have double-opt-in activated in Klaviyo, subscribers will not be created right away. They need to opt-in through the Klaviyo rendered opt-in-email.

List and Segment Targeting

With the Triggerbee - Klaviyo integration, you can target onsite campaigns based on what lists and segments the visitor belongs to in Klaviyo. Lists will automatically be added to Triggerbee Audiences, but Klaviyo Segments have be to declared in the integration. 

  1. Log in to your Klaviyo account and click on “List and Segments”

  2. Click on the segment you want to use in Triggerbee, and then click on “Settings”. Find your segment's ID, and copy it.

  3. Then, navigate the Klaviyo Intgration in Triggerbee under Apps & Integrations You will see a text area called “Segments”. This is where you should paste your segment ID along with a name parameter, like this: My segment name=[Your Segment ID] Spaces and numbers are allowed in the name, but do not use spaces between the name and your segment ID. 

  4. Once you have saved the integration, it will appear inside Triggerbee Audiences for targeting. 

How to create an audience with Klaviyo data

  1. Navigate to Audiences and create a new one
  2. Open the filter options and select the Klaviyo List or Segment you want to target. Also define whether the visitor should be in the audience (equals) or not (not equals).

  3. Save the Audience. Now you can use this audience as targeting in your campaigns to communicate with your visitors in this audience. Note: Klaviyo data targeting is only possible for visitors that have been identified, in order for Triggerbee to be able to ask Klaviyo if the visitor is in the specified label/audience.

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