Integrating with Pipedrive

Integrating Pipedrive to Triggerbee opens up a stream of possibilities. Triggerbee will help you identify companies based on their IP address. With your input, we'll collect those you find to be "hot leads", and make them available for automatic transfer to your Pipedrive account, including:

  • Creating and updating deals
  • Inserting contacts, leads, and companies
  • Assigning account owners
  • Inserting notes
  • Tracking of your subscribers' behaviors on your website when they come through your emails
  • Target widgets based on their website behavior.

Note: This integration is only available for our B2B customers.

Please contact Sales if you wish to add this feature. 

How to set up the integration

  1. Log in to your Pipedrive account and navigate to Settings in the top-right menu. 

  2. Go to Other --> API in the left menu. Here you will find your personal API token if it has already been created. If not, go ahead and create one. Copy the API token. Make sure that no extra spaces or characters follow.

  3. Then, in Triggerbee - navigate to Apps & Integrations, and select the Pipedrive app
  4. Enter the API Key you copied from Pipedrive. Press Save. 

  5. Once the connection is successful, you are done with the integration! Pipedrive will now be available in automations!

Create deals in Pipedrive

The Triggerbee - Pipedrive integration also allows you to create and update deals in Pipedrive, as well as update properties, adding notes and scheduling activities. This is done through Triggerbee Automations

  1. Navigate to Automations and open the automation you want to edit or create a new one. 
    1. If you create a new automation, select your triggering event on the left-hand side, eg. when a visitor visits a certain page or fills out a contact form.
  2. Add your first action on the right, eg. Create Deal and enter all details needed. Continue with more actions if needed, eg. adding a note or updating another property. This is what the final automation could look like.

  3. Save and activate your automation and you're done. The automation will run as soon as the triggering event happens on site.

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