FTP Batch jobs

Use the FTP Batch integration to delete, import, or export batches of contacts every night. 

Note: You need to set up the FTP yourself. Triggerbee simply connects to your FTP to perform the selected action. 

  1. Navigate to My Triggerbee --> Apps & Integrations and activate the FTP Batch Jobs plugin. 
  2. Enter the URL to your FTP, together with user credentials if needed. Don't specify the protocol (HTTP vs HTTPS) in the URL, use the "Enable SSL" option instead. 

    Note: The file on the FTP needs to be in UTF-8 format and CSV type.

  3. Select whether to delete, import or export (or multiple), and choose your settings according to:

    Delete contacts

    Specify the path to the file where you have your list of profiles to be deleted from Triggerbee and select what property the deletion should go by.Export contacts
    Specify the path to the folder where you want to have your exported file. Check the bottom checkbox ("also export contacts..") if you want to export all contacts, not just the updated ones. Import contacts
    Specify the path to the file where you have your list of email addresses to be imported to Triggerbee. Check the bottom checkbox ("remove existing data") if you want existing data to be removed if there's a matching empty column in the import file.
  4. Save your integration! The FTP will run tonight.

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