Abandoned Cart Automation

Only 33% of all online purchases are completed after having added something to their cart. By reminding these visitors via email, you can easily bring them back to your website to complete the purchase and get your conversion. Maybe you can attract with a discount code, free delivery or free returns to lower the threshold a bit.

How to set up the default Abandoned Cart automation without products

With Triggerbee automations, you can notify your integrated email tool about what visitors need that extra push to complete their purchase. Together with the integrations Rule and Voyado, we can also add the actual products that have been left. Please scroll down to read more about that after finishing these instructions.

In order to set up the Abandoned Cart automation without products, you will need these 4 things:

  • Goal for Initiated purchases. Usually, "Added to Cart" (whenever that button-click happens) or "Initiated Checkout" (when the visitor gets to /checkout) is used.
  • Goal for Completed Purchase
  • An identified visitor
  • Email template for abandoned cart email in your email tool

  1. Navigate to Automations and create a new one.
  2. As your trigger, select your goal for initiated purchases and add a condition Email > Is not empty. Whenever an identified visitor fulfills this goal, the automation will be triggered.
  3. As your action, select the Triggerbee action "Wait and check goal before proceeding". This action allows you to add a period of waiting before proceeding with checking the next goal (completed purchase) For the abandoned cart automation, we recommend that you wait at least 120 minutes (2 hours), but some customers wait as long as 12 hours (720 minutes). After the selected waiting period, Triggerbee will check if the visitor has completed the purchase or not. If not, we assume the cart has been left and we will proceed to the next action in the automation. 

  4. Now, add another action to notify your email tool about this abandoned cart. Depending on what tool you are using, you can do one (or more) of the following:
    1. Trigger an email directly from your tool
    2. Add the visitor to a tag or list in your tool first, which then will trigger an email.
    3. Add a tag to the visitor in Triggerbee, which can be used to target them with an onsite campaign on their next visit. Just don't forget to remove the tag after completing the purchase :) For this guide, we'll add the visitor to a list in Mailchimp. The list is a part of an automation in Mailchimp, which will trigger an abandoned cart email from Mailchimp.
  5. Save your automation, and that's it! Whenever a visitor doesn't complete their purchase, we will notify Mailchimp which can nudge the subscriber with an email.

Example of a complete setup:

Would you also like to include products in the abandoned cart automation? Please follow the instructions below depending on your CRM: rule or voyado.

Abandoned Cart with Rule (including products)

In the Triggerbee - Rule integration, we can also notify Rule about what products have been left in the cart. Apart from the default 3 things needed to trigger the abandoned cart email (goals for initiated and completed purchase, plus identification of visitors), these additional 3 things are needed for the Rule setup:

  • "cartinprogress" tag in Rule
  • "products" field in Rule
  • Abandoned Cart email template in Rule

(Contact Rule in order to have these things added).

Products that are in the cart are logged to the Triggerbee field "Products" in an array of strings according to:

var products = [{ name: "Product Name", 
	category: "Product category or brand", 
	size: "38", 
	price: 299, 
	quantity: 1, 
	image: "/images/productimage.jpg", 
	link: "/category/produktX" }];  

window.mtr_custom.session = { products: JSON.stringify(products) } 
mtr.event('Logged products');

The details of each product are all optional, but we recommend you send at least the name, price, and quantity of the product. In the best of worlds, all of these details are logged:

  • Name of the product (name)
  • Price of the product (price)
  • The category or brand of the product (category)
  • The size of the product (size)
  • The quantity of the product (quantity)
  • An image link of the product (image)
  • URL to the product page (link) 

When the product data has been logged to us, you will be able to see them in the visitor list like this:

We can send this to Rule via the action "Update field on subscriber" in the automation. Once you have finished this setup, the automation is up and running and any visitor that doesn't complete their purchase will be tagged in Rule to get a reminder email. 

Abandoned Cart with Voyado (including products)

Together with Triggerbees integration with Voyado, it is possible to notify Voyado when a visitor is in the cart with products, and Voyado will send them an email if they do not complete their purchase.


  1. Automation for Abandoned Cart in Voyado. Talk with your client manager at Voyado about how to set this up. 
  2. Identification of visitors in cart. For Triggerbee to be able to notify Voyado who has left their cart, the email addresses of the visitors need to be logged to Triggerbee from the cart or the checkout - depending on where you want to start your abandoned cart flow. Email addresses can be logged to Triggerbee according to: https://help.triggerbee.com/article/323-setting-the-identity-of-a-visitor
  3. Identification of products together with the timestamp in the cart. Products that are in the cart when the purchase was started need to be added to Triggerbee together with the current time. This is logged to two separate custom fields, products, and time.

    Products: An array with the products in string format (JSON.stringify), formatted according to "[{\"sku\":\"160\",\"quantity\":3}]". "sku" is the productID. Both of these are required. Time: Current local time, formatted according to "2021-04-20 11:13:14 +02:00" (+2 is for the timezone). Products and timestamps are logged to Triggerbee with:

var mtr_custom = mtr_custom || {}; 
mtr_custom.session = { products: '[{\"sku\":\"160\",\"quantity\":3}]', 
time: '2021-04-20 11:13:14 +02:00'};


When all the specifications are in place, the flow for the abandoned cart is set up according to:

  1. Navigate to Automations in Triggerbee and create a new Automation.
  2. Select your start trigger on the left. This is usually "Started checkout" or "Came to cart" - eg. the point where you collect the email of the visitor.
  3. As Action on the right, select "Add Email to list". Enter a source if you like. The source needs to be in place in Voyado first. 
  4. Then, select the Voyado action "Abandoned Cart Automation", and select the language that the email should be sent in.
  5. Done! Now, Triggerbee will start to notify Voyado when someone is in the cart. Voyado will then sense if they have completed their purchase, and if not - Voyado will send them an email.

Note: It is possible with an addon to log more information about the products than what is found in the data layer, such as images, URLs, etc. Contact Triggerbee support for more information and costs.

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