Plan and Billing

You will find all information about your account in the Plan & Billing menu options under My Triggerbee. Check what plan you're on, your current billing cycle, and take a look at your usage. This is also where you can upgrade your plan or change your payment method (for self-service users).

Pricing Plans

The Triggerbee platform can be used as Self-Service, or as Enterprise. In short, Self-service plans are paid monthly or yearly via credit card and are self-service with our helpdesk and support - while Enterprise customers are invoice-based with a dedicated Customer Success manager helping out with onboarding, hands-on work, support, and anything you need - when you need it. You can read more about the pricing plans on our website.

Where can I see my current pricing plan?

You will find your current subscription plan and billing cycle under the menu Plan & Billing.

How do I cancel my account?

First of all, we hope you'll never get to read this, but if you're here - we're sorry to see you go! 

  • If you're on the self-service plan, you can cancel your account under the Plan & Billing page.
  • If you're an enterprise customer, please talk to your Customer Success Manager.

What Happens When You Cancel Your Subscription?

When you cancel your account with us all personal data that belongs to your account will be deleted as soon as your billing period is over. If you want your account and all the data to be immediately removed, please contact Triggerbee support.

Self Service

The Self-service subscription plans are based on your website's Traffic (sessions per month), the number of websites, and Survey Responses. The minimum plan is 10,000 sessions and 50 survey responses per month for 1 account. More traffic, accounts, or survey responses will be billed accordingly.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

To update your subscription plan, simply press the Change Plan button. In the flyout that's opened, make your adjustments to plan and save at the bottom.

Update Billing Information

At the bottom of the Plan & Billing page, you'll see your current billing details. Press Edit to go to Stripe where you can change the details and/or payment method.

Download invoices

You can find and download all your invoices in your Stripe account (if you are a self-service customer), which you can access from the Edit button at the bottom of the Plan & Billing page. Enterprise customers can ask for invoices.

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