Tracking Goals with Google Tag Manager

This article guides you through how to set up simple goals in Triggerbee via Google Tag Manager.

  1. Login to Google Tag Manager. Start by navigating to "Variables" and click on "Configure".
    Check all the options under Click. Hit save. 
  2. Navigate to Triggers and click on "New".  
    1. Choose "Click - All elements" under the headline Trigger Type.
    2. Choose "Some clicks" in the radio buttons that appear.

      Then you have to find the CSS class name on your link or button on your website.  060430272f98a5428720eed3cbad5cd5.png
  3. Navigate to "Tags.
    1. Click on "New"  
    2. Choose "Custom HTML"
  4. Paste the following snippet in the box: <script> mtr.goal("Your Goal Name Here"); </script> 

    Example goals:
    mtr.goal("Added to cart");
    mtr.goal("Completed purchase");
    mtr.goal("Logged in");

    Each of these goals should be run separately in separate tags. 
  5. Click on "Add Trigger, and choose the trigger you set up in step 2. Now you should have something that looks like this: 
  6. Hit save, and you're done! Try clicking on the button you added your goal to and see if it pops up in the Triggerbee visitor feed. 

Keep in mind: It can take up to 10 minutes before your goal appears in the visitor list. 

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