Response Lists

Submitted responses from your forms are saved into a Response List. This will allow you to collect all data in one place, to analyze in Triggerbee or export for external analysis. You can have a unique list for every form or use the same list for several forms (eg. one list for all email signup forms, and one for all surveys). Every new campaign that is created will get a response list automatically created and connected to that campaign. Every old, existing campaign (created before October 2022) must be re-published again. 

How to work with Response Lists

Creating a list

 To create a list you must publish a campaign with a form. Then a list will automatically be created.


Each list can be renamed by the user, here:

To create for example a “Master signup list”, a user has to rename an existing list and start connecting campaigns to that list, in the “FORM SETTINGS” under each campaign. 


Columns in the list are automatically created after responses have been submitted and saved to the list. Users are not restricted to changing the fields name or changing the order. Old responses that contain data values from previous fields that have been removed from the form will remain in the list, and part of CSV-export.


We automatically create pie charts for fields of type: “Radio button”, “Checkbox list”, “Button Choices”, and “Dropdown menu”. A maximum of 12 pie charts will be shown automatically. To create more types of charts, export the data as CSV and create it in a spreadsheet application.

Exporting a form response list

You can export all responses in a CSV format by clicking the cloud-icon next to your list. Exporting a CSV will trigger a background job and an email will be sent to you upon completion.

Deleting and modifying individual responses

Deleting single responses is currently supported but we do not currently support modifying single responses. 

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