Working with multiple accounts

For those of you working with multiple accounts in Triggerbee, and want to be able to easier work with using the same campaigns on all of the accounts - keep on reading! We have created what we call Text Variables for this particular reason, which allows you to automatically update texts, links, and images in your campaigns across accounts. Fonts and colors will also be automatically updated when copying campaigns between accounts. 

How to add Text and Color variables

You will find the text variables in the Customization Section in Triggerbee. They consist of one key and one value, where the key is the name of the variable - and the value is the dynamic part that can be changed. For instance, you could have the member signup page as a variable - where the key would be "memberPage" and the value is the URL of that page. All variables need to be created on all of your accounts, with the same key - and different values. The key is what is selected in your campaign, which refers to the given value.

The same principle works with colors. It is the name of the color that is applied to the campaign whenever selected. So if you select the color "default_color_1" it will be black in the campaign on this account - but in another account, it might be white if default_color_1 is white there. 

Fonts, however, will always have the standard font of your selection. It is not connected to any key-value pair. You can read more about fonts and colors here. 

Create a campaign with text- and color variables

When creating a campaign in the multiple account workflow, you start by creating the campaign as usual - where you pick your template and design the campaigns as you wish. Depending on what variable you will be working with, they have different application methods.

Color variables

Your color variables will be available in the color picker in all elements where a color is an option, such as background color, font color, button colors, etc. The color you select will be applied with the name of the color, and the same color name will be used in any account you copy the campaign to. Meaning, if you select the blue color in the image below, the campaign will not necessarily have the color blue in the copied account, but rather the color which has the default_color_2 name. This is perfect for when having similar campaigns but different graphic profiles. 

Text variables 

The text variables you created can be added as text to your text fields from the tiny editor. Select the variable you want and it will be added to the text within curly brackets. Do not remove these. {price} will be replaced with the value of that key whenever the campaign is published (or previewed).

Image Link

You can also use text variables as links, for images to embed dynamic images in your campaign, for instance, logotypes. Add an image element to your campaign and enter the name of your text variable within curly brackets, eg {imageLink}. 


URLs can also be replaced with text variables if you have different member page URLs or campaign pages. Add the text variable as the URL, surrounded by curly brackets, eg. {memberPage}

Copy and publish to other accounts

Once you are finished with your campaign containing text- and/or color variables, you can copy that campaign to your other accounts. You can also publish them right away if you wish. This actually works no matter if you have variables or not! Once you have copied the campaign, all the variables will be replaced with their corresponding values from the target accounts. 

  1. Copy campaigns by selecting "Copy to another account" in the campaign menu:
  2. In the dialog that appears, select all accounts you want to copy the campaign to (yes you can select multiple!)
  3. Select whether to override any campaigns in the target accounts that have the same name. Eg, if you already have a "Summer Campaign" in the target account - do you want that to be replaced with your new campaign, or be saved as a copy? We recommend that you always make copies. 
  4. Finally, select whether to publish the campaign right away - or save them as drafts in the target account(s). 

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