Integrating with Custobar

Note: In order to integrate Triggerbee with Custobar, you need to prepare your Custobar account. Please follow this guide:

Basic Integration

Start with the basic authentication. Once this is in place, you can add Automations and Audience Targeting.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Integrations in Triggerbee, and locate the Custobar integration. Click Configure to open the integration.
  2. Enter your access Token and URL in the Authentication fields.

    URL should be added like this:

  3. Press Next and wait a few moments for the authentication to be successful. If not, the integration will say "unable to authenticate". In that case, make sure all the fields are filled in correctly according to step 2, and try again.
  4. If you have any events you want Triggerbee to be able to trigger, add them in the event field. This can be done later also, so leave it empty if not needed for now. 

  5. Then, add the names of the lists you wish you utilize in Triggerbee Campaigns, eg. your newsletter list and other lists you have in Custobar.

  6. Upon clicking Next, you will be prompted to add the Customer properties from Custobar that you wish to utilize in Triggerbee. We recommend that you add the following (copy-paste):

    Phone number = phone_number

    First name = first_name

    Last name = last_name

    Email Consent = can_email

    SMS Consent = can_sms

    Postal Consent = can_post

    Push Consent = can_push

    Birthday = birth_date

    Country = country

    Gender = gender

    Language = language

  7. Save! Now you're done with the basic authentication! Now visitors will start to be identified when they arrive from Custobar Newsletters.

To work with Custobar Tag & List targeting in Triggerbee and to trigger Custobar Events, keep on reading.

List and Tag Targeting

With the Triggerbee - Custobar integration, you can target onsite campaigns based on what lists and tags visitor belongs to in Custobar. 

How to create an audience with Custobar data

  1. Navigate to Audiences and create a new.
  2. Open the filter options and select the Custobar Tag or List you want to target. Also define whether the visitor should be in the audience (equals) or not (not equals). For Lists, you will see the same list of mailing lists you added to the integration. For tags, you can add any tag by free text. 

  3. Save the Audience. Now you can use this audience as targeting in your campaigns to communicate with your visitors in this audience. Note: Custobar data targeting is only possible for visitors that have been identified, in order for Triggerbee to be able to ask Custobar if the visitor is in the specified tag/list.

Trigger an Event in Custobar

If you want to be able to Trigger emails or text push notifications from Custobar directly via Triggerbee, they need to be declared under the "Events" headline in the Custobar Integration. Add your events one per row.

How to set up the automation in Triggerbee

  1. Navigate to Automations and open the automation you want to edit, or create a new one. 
    1. If you create a new automation, select your triggering event on the left-hand side, eg. when a visitor completes a purchase or logs in.
  2. Add another action, and select "Trigger an automation in Custobar". In the dropdown, select the event you want to trigger. If the list is empty, scroll up here and check if you have added the events correctly. 
  3. Save your automation and you're done!

Note: The event will only be triggered if there is a corresponding Campaign with the same event added as a pre-condition in Custobar.

Send form submissions to Custobar

Once you have the integration between Triggerbee and Custobar in place, you will be able to start creating contacts in Custobar from Triggerbee Campaigns.

  1. Start by creating and designing your Campaign with a form.
  2. To connect Custobar, open the Form Settings and activate Custobar. This will automatically create an automation that sends the submitted email address to Custobar. If you are collecting more data in your form, such as telephone number, you will also be prompted to map that data to a specific field in Custobar. 

  3. By default, Triggerbee will update the property can_email to true. If you wish to change this, simply "Go to Automation" and update that field. 

  4. If you wish to update any other fields on your visitor, you can do this with the action "Update field", where you select what field in Custobar you want to update, and with what Triggerbee data.

  5. When you're done with all your actions, press Save. The automation will automatically go live when your campaign goes live. 

Note: For the actions Add Email to List, Add Tag, and Remove tag - an additional "Wait" action of 5 minutes is needed before doing any following actions. This is needed to make sure that the customer has been created in Custobar before triggering the next action.

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