How to create a teaser campaign

Sometimes, your visitors are so eager to complete their purchase that they close your new-customer-offer-popup before they have a chance to grab that offer. As soon as they realize this, the popup (and offer) is gone until whenever your repetition settings activate again. Luckily, we've got you and your visitors covered! Introducing: the teaser!

The teaser is a minimized version of your campaign, which usually nudges your visitor about their unused offer - with a short phrase or a wiggly icon. You can select whether to display the teaser whenever someone closes (minimizes) your campaign or set it to be de primary view of your campaign. 

How to add a teaser to your campaign

  1. Create and design your campaign as you would normally do.
  2. Click Add Step and select Teaser

  1. Select your teaser position (usually left or right bottom corner)
  1. Design your teaser to match your campaign and site look and feel. It's common to only have a text element with a nudge (eg. "10% off" or "Don't miss your offer"). You could also do a newsletter icon for instance. 
  2. When you are satisfied with your design, it's time to connect the popup to the teaser. The teaser is automatically set to open the primary step (the one with the star) on click. If you have a close button in your popup, open the action menu and select "change step" to "teaser". Or, you can switch to a minimize button (under Button Styles), and this action will automatically be updated. 

  3. If you rather want to have your teaser as the primary step in your campaign and maximize to popup on click - use the two lines to drag the teaser to the top here: 

  1. That's it - you're done! Preview your campaign to make sure it works as intended - and good luck with your campaign! 

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