Beesly - AI Assisted Campaigns

Create High-Converting Popups and Promotions in Seconds

Beesly is your personal AI copywriting assistant and will help you generate conversion-boosting copy with just one click. Creating high-converting campaigns has never been easier. Beesly will help you write copy tailored to different audiences so you can capture more emails, drive repeat purchases, and win-back abandoned shopping carts. Use Beesly for inspiration, to find new marketing angles, or ideas for your next A/B-test.

How to create a campaign with Beesly

  1. Create a campaign just as you would normally do. If you are creating a campaign from scratch, Triggerbee will automatically populate all elements with an ID connected to Beesly. But if you want to use Beesly on a current campaign, you have to assign your text- and button elements with IDs for Beesly.
    Just pick the type of element you are currently editing. This will allow Beesly to know what type of content to put in that element. Eg. select ID headline for your headline, ID successHeadline for the headline on your thank you step etc. 
  2. Then, open the Beesly Tab:
  3. In the Beesly Tab, you will find a bunch of settings that will help you define what type of content you wish Beesly Generate. Select a language, strategy, and discount (if any), then click Generate to run the prompt. You can also add more Settings if you wish Beesly to be more specific in his response. 
  4. Within a few seconds, Beesly will magically populate your campaign with AI-generated copy.
    If you are happy with the outcome, press Apply and the copy will be saved. Otherwise, retry the same prompt, or adjust your settings and re-generate content.

Beesly Settings

  • This campaign has a discount: Activate this setting if you want Beesly to add discount information to your copy. Also specify the discount amount.
  • Strategy: Beesly can handle different types of strategies. Do you want your copy to have FOMO, talk about exclusiveness or use social proof? Let Beesly know!
  • Language: Tell Beesly in what language you want your copy. 
  • Product Category: What's your industry, or what product category do you want Beesly to write about?
  • Target Audience: Select your target audience. Is it new visitors, Returning customers or Instagram visitors?
  • Purpose: What is the purpose of your campaign? Do you want to attract new members, increase product sales or greet returning visitors?
  • Result Text Length: Select how long you want your copy to be.

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