Introducing - Triggerbee Surveys!

Conducting Surveys directly on the website based on behavior or audience is an easy and effective way of getting to know your customers. This allows you to improve the purchase experience and decrease any thresholds. Triggerbee allows you to build and design your surveys freely with both survey- and form elements and will present the results in a dashboard.

Multiple Survey options for design and reporting

With Triggerbee, you can browse a variety of customizable templates for different survey types. For instance, you can ask your customers to rate their shopping experience, evaluate new workflows, segment visitor purposes and conduct NPS- and CSAT surveys.

All surveys are created with a few clicks in our no-code editor which gives you endless design possibilities when it comes to matching your graphical profile.

All responses from regular surveys will be gathered and presented under Form Settings, while NPS and CSAT have their own designated dashboards with calculations for each value.

Survey Types

With Triggerbee, you can create NPS and CSAT surveys - as well as all other types of customer experience and product evaluation surveys.


The Net Promoter Score is a score that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. It is an indicator of users overall satisfaction with your product or service and the user's loyalty to your brand. Triggerbee has a specific NPS Dashboard which will display your NPS score in real-time and historically.

Read all about NPS here

Note: The visitor has to press the submit button in order for Triggerbee to store the NPS value. We will support submit-on-voting soon.


CSAT is used to measure how satisfied the customer is with a product, service, meeting or a company's service. It is a metric that is perfect for finding out what your customer thinks about a specific part of your offer. The CSAT is usually measured on a five-point scale with smileys, stars or numbers. For the CSAT, Triggerbee has a specific dashboard that displays your CSAT score in real-time and historically.

Read all about CSAT here

Note: The visitor has to press the submit button in order for Triggerbee to store the CSAT value. We will support submit-on-voting soon.

Other surveys

Other types of surveys that are common for eCommerce are about evaluating why a purchase wasn’t completed,  how the visitor found the website, feedback on new designs, etc. Here are a few examples!

Question Bank

To make it easier to get started with surveys, you can browse our question bank with more than 100 questions to use in your survey depending on what answers you are looking for.

Link to Question Bank

Working with Surveys

Surveys are located under Campaigns, together with your current NPS- and CSAT score, as well as your survey usage.

How to create a survey

  1. Navigate to Surveys and click Create New
  2. Browse among the Survey templates and select a template that you like
  3. Once in the editor, you can adjust the template to match your graphical profile. You can also change the copy, add more survey elements or switch layout - the design possibilities are endless.
  4. When you are done with the design, move on to Campaign Settings to add which audience, when, and where to display your survey.
  5. Publish!

Prefill surveys from links

If you are sending surveys via email today, it is possible to link those votes to a campaign on-site to store the vote in Triggerbee and do follow-up questions. Eg. one of your customers votes a 10 in an NPS survey in an email, and you want to follow up on that and ask them more. Then you can open a campaign from Triggerbee and have it prefilled with the same vote, together with a follow-up question. Different votes can open different follow-up questions.

Simply add ?tb-prefill[inputName]=vote to your URL to prefill.

Eg.[NPS1]=8 to prefill a 8 to the NPS element with the name NPS1

The input name is found under Field Data in the editor:


Survey statistics are found together with the campaign, and collected results will be presented under Form Settings. If your survey is an NPS or CSAT survey, the result will be presented in the matching dashboard, where you can see your score change over time.

Sync your survey data to your CRM

All data that is collected via Triggerbee Forms or Surveys can easily be sent to your CRM or email-tool.

Change text in follow-up question/comment based on vote

Depending on what vote your customer gives in your survey, it is a good idea to ask different follow-up questions. If the vote is bad, you might want to know why that is - while good voters can be asked to comment on what could be even better. This can be achieved with some scripting, where you manually change the text depending on a certain vote level. T

Below is a code example of how to achieve this for a CSAT survey:

document.addEventListener('onTriggerbeeWidgetStateSwitched', function (event) {
       if(event.detail.stateId == 123456){ // stateID for follow-up question (found in URL in widget editor)
             var tbWidget=document.querySelector('triggerbee-widget[data-id="''"]').shadowRoot;
            if(parseInt(tbWidget.querySelector('.widget-component-button-list-item.checked').getAttribute("data-value")) >= 4){ // if vote is over 4
                surveyValue = true; 

            var message = tbWidget.querySelector("label[for='CSATComment']");
            if(surveyValue == true){ // message to display if vote is over 4
                message.innerHTML = "Can you share any specific feedback about this score?";
            else { // message to display if vote is under 4
                message.innerHTML = "Mind sharing the main reason for your score?";

Usage & Pricing

We want you to be able to quickly set up surveys and try them out without worrying about extra costs. Thus, you will have 50 survey responses for free, per month. Once you reach your limit, your surveys will be paused until next month - or until you upgrade your account to any of our packages:

  • 250 Responses/month
  • 1 000 Responses/month
  • Unlimited Responses/month
  • Pay-per-usage

Talk to your Customer Success Manager to upgrade.

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