Common use cases for Triggerbee Campaigns

With Triggerbee, there is almost no limit to what you can do with a bit of imagination and creativity. Our built-in templates for converting visitors to subscribers, promoting offers, distributing discount codes, etc will go a long way - but there is so much more you can do! In this article, we've gathered some more advanced use cases for Triggerbee - to take you to that next level in personalization!

Acquisition Campaigns for new visitors

Acquiring new subscribers or members is the most profitable we can do as an eCommerce.  Triggerbee allows you to create signup forms or promote membership through overlays and/or embedded campaigns, making it possible to capture as many new leads as possible while still being discreet when needed.

Campaign example - 20% off all sneakers when subscribing to the newsletter

Pre-launches & Raffles

An effective alternative to offering discount codes upon signup is offering pre-access to an upcoming release or conducting competitions or raffles. 

Tip! By asking visitors what product in an upcoming release they would like to win would also give an insight into what products will be mostly sought for. 

Campaign example - raffles. Sign up with your name and email for a chance to win a gift card.

Increase Login Rates

By combining data from the CRM and the Triggerbee website data, it is possible to display messages on-site to push or guide visitors to achieve desired outcomes. For instance, it is possible to promote members (CRM data) who are logged out (Triggerbee data) to log in to utilize their promotions and offers

Remind about unused offers and discounts

Another powerful use case in Triggerbee is utilizing CRM data to remind members about unused offers and bonuses. This type of campaign usually has 40-50% CTR and generates a good increase in redeemed coupons

Tip! Add your members' first names to the campaign to boost the result!

Promote current campaigns and offers

It is common for visitors to land directly on product pages, which makes them miss out on any offers that are promoted at the startpage or in emails. With Triggerbee, you can promote ongoing campaigns onsite through embedded top panels or in bigger popups or callouts to maximize sales during the campaign period.

Tip! Add a deadline component to create some extra FOMO.


This type of promotion can either be done via overlays (popups, callouts, panels) or through embedded content. This is an example of a popup!


And here is an example of an embedded banner, perfect for putting in your header or on your product pages.

Rolling banner

Data enrichment for returning members

For returning visitors, Triggerbee can display a different message to enrich the member profile, by asking for their phone number, birthday, or favorite brand for instance. This approach will allow you to collect zero-party data, which is extremely powerful in further communication and segmentation.

Create Omni channel campaigns with UTM-targeting

Display matching messages onsite depending on what UTM tags the visitors come from, to create an omni-channel feeling throughout the interaction with the brand.

Common use cases:

  • Influencer Greetings
  • Abandoned Cart Discounts
  • Social Media Campaign follow-up

Catch leaving visitors

An exit intent is triggered when a visitor tries to leave a website, usually when they have something in their cart already. Exit intent campaigns can be used to offer discounts, coupons, or free shipping to entice the visitor to stay on the site and make a purchase. They can also be used to capture email addresses for future marketing efforts.

Birthday Campaigns

Congratulate your members with upcoming birthdays, with a discount code or just a simple Happy Birthday! Who doesn’t love that! 


With Triggerbee Surveys and multi-steps Forms, it is possible to create feedback forms, questionnaire and contact-forms within minutes. To conduct onsite surveys directly after purchase is an easy and effective way to get to know your customers, to improve the buying experience and eliminate any obstacles. Work with NPS and CSAT surveys to measure general loyalty and satisfaction for specific features. Triggerbee will present the result in a corresponding dashboard.

Referral Campaigns

With Triggerbee Referral Campaigns, you can encourage your existing customers to recommend your products or brand to their friends. This is typically done by offering incentives or rewards to customers who successfully refer new customers. It is also possible to use the referral feature to incentivize new visitors to sign up and refer.

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