Referral Campaigns

Get started with the new Referral Campaigns today and let your customers become your ambassadors! Reward and incentivize your best customers to spread the word about your brand, and watch your sales grow. Triggerbee’s referral campaigns are the easiest way to publish a simple yet effective referral program on your website.

How does it work

With Triggerbee Referral Campaigns, you can encourage your existing customers to recommend your products or brand to their friends. This is typically done by offering incentives or rewards to customers who successfully refer new customers. It is also possible to use the referral feature to incentivize new visitors to sign up and refer.

Every Referral Campaign consists of a set of two campaigns, one Referring campaign (that has the share dialog) and one campaign that the friend sees. Both the Referring campaign and the Friend campaign come in a variety of templates, making the setup of your Referring campaign flexible. Perhaps you want to have both Referrer and Friend Signup, or you only want the Friend to sign up, but phone number instead of email. The combinations are endless! And, as always, templates can be adjusted to fit your graphical look and feel to match your brand.

The share button in the Referring Campaign is connected to the share dialog on your phone (or in browsers that support that), and on other browsers - a copy-link element will display. Either way, the link in your sharing message will be tagged so that anyone visiting from that link will see the corresponding Friend campaign.

How to set up your campaign in Triggerbee

  1. Navigate to Referral Campaigns and start creating a new one
  2. You will be prompted to give your campaign a name, please do so.
  3. Your first selection will then be to select the template for your Referring campaign, after that - you can select your friend campaign.
  4. The campaign will now be created as a set of two, and you can move on to editing and designing your campaigns just as you would design a regular campaign. The only difference is the sharing element that is in the Referral Campaign. Read more about that below.
  5. Once done designing, select your campaign targeting and you're ready to go live!

The Sharing Element

The sharing element has two variants, one displayed for browsers that have share dialog support (all phones and some desktop browsers) - and one variant for browsers without share dialog. For both variants, you may select a text and link to share:

The share element looks like this in browsers that have the share dialog (most phones and some desktop browsers):

The share element looks like this in browsers that do not have the share dialog. For them - the link and text are visible and can easily be copied and shared in any preferred channel.

Campaign Performance

Together with the new Referral Campaigns, you'll see some new statistics. Other than displaying the number of shares and views of friend campaigns, of course, we'll also display how much revenue is flowing through this set of campaigns.

Note: In order for Revenue to be displayed, you must log revenue together with the Completed Purchase goal. Read more about Revenue logging here.

  • Revenue: Calculated revenue from visitors who interacted with the referral campaign that then went on to make purchases, and also referred friends who went on to make purchases. If you are missing data, then you might not track purchases to Triggerbee. If so, Check out this article
  • Signups: The signups (form responses) in the campaigns. Any user who was already a subscriber will not be included in this metric.
    • Referrer: Signups in the Referring campaign
    • Friend: Signups in the Friend campaign
  • Shares: When a user clicks on Copy-Link or Share-Button we calculate it as a Share - even though we don't know if they actually did share the link with their friends.
  • Views: How often the campaigns have been displayed to users
    • Referrer: Views of the Referring campaign
    • Friend: Views of the Friend campaign.

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