Easily manage and distribute single-use discount codes with the Unique Coupon Code feature! Upload and manage coupon sets with up to 100,000 single-use codes per set, and distribute them in Triggerbee's campaigns.

Create any number of unique coupons in your e-commerce platform, and import them to Triggerbee. Then connect the set of coupons to your campaigns for Triggerbee to distribute on signups, referrals, or other promotions. When your codes are running out, either have the campaign automatically pause - or switch to a fallback code.

How to create a Coupon Set in Triggerbee

  1. Navigate to the Coupon section
  2. Create a new Coupon Set and enter a name and description for it. Eg. "Black Week 2023 Coupons" and "10 000 codes for Black Week 2023 which gives the customer a 10% discount".

  3. If you have access to multiple accounts, you can select to add the set to all accounts or just the one you're at right now.
  4. Activate "Pause campaigns automatically.." if you want Triggerbee to automatically pause the campaign when there are 0% or 5% unused coupons left. If inactivated, the campaign will continue to display without codes - or with the fallback code that you select in the campaign.
  5. Upload your coupon codes via CSV or manually by row. A maximum of 100,000 codes is accepted.
  6. Lastly, add any expiration date for your coupons, if you wish Triggerbee to stop distributing them after a certain date.
  7. You're done! Allow Triggerbee to finish uploading your coupons, and then you can see your Coupon Set in your campaign.

Tip! You can also upload the same code a bunch of times, to create a sense of urgency - eg. "First 100 people to use the code summer23 gets 10% off". Just like unique codes, the campaign will pause when the 100 codes have been distributed.

How to attach coupon set to a Campaign

  1. To use a coupon set in a campaign, start by creating and designing your campaign as you would normally do.
  2. Then, add the Coupon Code (single-use) element.
  3. Select what coupon set you want to connect.
  4. If you want to have a fallback code, enter that in the Fallback field. The fallback is used when you run out of coupons (if you have selected to always display the campaign even when out of codes).
  5. When the code is copied, there will be a little bubble saying "Copied to clipboard". The copy message field allows you to change this, perhaps to your own language

How to manage a Coupon Set

In your list of coupon sets, you have a table with a bunch of columns.

  • Status: displays whether the coupon set is active or paused (due to no more codes)
  • Total coupons: The total number of coupons in the set
  • Shared coupons: The number of shared coupons
  • Remaining: The percentage of remaining coupons in the set.
  • Available on all accounts: Displays whether the set is available in more accounts.

Add more coupons

You can add more Coupons to a set, by simply clicking on that row and adding more codes via CSV or by row. These will be added to the same set, perfect if you already have a campaign live and wish to simply add more codes.

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