Integrating with Centra

This document outlines the steps required to establish the integration between Centra and Triggerbee. By following these instructions, you can seamlessly connect the two platforms to enable efficient data exchange. Key steps include:

Set up in Centra

  1. Create API Token

Go to System > API Tokens and create an API token (need permission to read orders). Save the API token as it won't be visible later.

  1. Collect the GraphQL URL

On the same page, you'll also find the GraphQL URL we need.

  1. Create Checkout API Plugin

Go to System > Stores > {Your store} to create a Checkout API plugin.

It shouldn't require any login or such (there are many settings) so that we can log in members later.

  1. Create a Centra Webhook

Create a Centra Webhook plugin with "Order > Yes".

Webhook URL:{YOUR_SITEID}/orders/Centra

You can find your Triggerbee Site ID under Account settings. Each account in Triggerbee has its unique Site ID.

Endpoint secret: Provide an API key created in Triggerbee:

Set up in Triggerbee

  1. Go to My Triggerbee > Apps and integrations
  2. Click on Browse Apps > Select Centra
  3. Enter API URL and API Token. Checkout API URL is optional but required for member registration.

Create an API key for Webhooks

  1. Go to My Triggerbee> Account and customizations > Developer
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on Create API key

And you're done!

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